Auto Tilt Stillages Types

Automatic Tilting Stillages

Automatic Tilting Stillages are designed to gradually tilt as beer is dispensed from a cask. As beer is drawn the weight of the barrel reduces allowing the stillage springs to gradually open and tilt the cask. The smooth tilting action coupled with an efficient final tilt angle helps to save money by reducing beer wastage to a minimum.

Kayel Brewery Supplies manufacture two types of auto-tilts. The Mechanical Spring Auto-Tilt used a pair of galvanised torsion springs whilst the Hydraulic Spring Auto-Tilt uses a preset gas spring. Both stillages provide a smooth automatic tilting action saving you time and money.

      Mechanical Spring Stillage

      Mechanical Spring Auto Tilt Stillage

      Hydraulic Spring Stillage

      Hydraulic Spring Auto Tilt Stillage