Hydraulic Spring Auto Tilt Stillages

Floor Standing Unit - Model KLG

The Ultimate in Automatic Tilting Stillages

Automatic Tilting Stillages are designed to gradually tilt as beer is dispensed from a cask. As beer is drawn the weight of the barrel reduces allowing the stillage springs to gradually open and tilt the cask. The smooth tilting action coupled with an efficient final tilt angle helps to save money by reducing beer wastage to a minimum.

  • One stillage for all size casks from 9 to 22 gallons.
  • The stillage is fitted with a preset Hydraulic Spring which provides an ultra smooth tilting action.
  • Ullage can be reduced to a minimum eliminating beer wastage

Mechanical Spring Auto Tilt Stillage

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  • The KLG stillage incorporates an 'Easy-Load' facility which eliminates the need to lift a cask when loading it on to the stillage. This KLG is probably the easiest stillage to load available on the market. Even an 18 gallon cask can be loaded with minimal effort due the ergonomic design of the stillage which allows the barrel to pivot about its middle when loading on to the stillage. (See below for more details)

  • Unlike most stillages where barrels are in direct contact with the metal stillage, all Kayel stillages incorporate a set of four roller wheels on which the barrels rest. These wheels enable the barrel to be rotated with ease to centre the keystone after loading and because there is no metal to metal contact, there is no fear of damaging the stillage which can lead to corrosion.

  • Unlike other stillages on the market today, there is no need to alter or change the springs when switching between cask sizes. The front loading hook has two setting positions - in the back position the stillage is suitable for 9, 10 and 11 gallon casks whilst in the front position the stillage is set for 18 and 22 gallon casks. The hook position can easily be altered in seconds without the need for any tools.

Due to the angle to which our stillages tilt, ullage can be reduced to below two pints in most casks and often even less than this. This ullage will be achieved every time a cask is loaded on to the stillage - no more forgetting to tilt the casks, no more wasting valuable beer!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hydraulic Spring Stillage incorporates a loading cradle which helps to reduce the manual effort required to load a heavy cask.

By releasing a latch the cradle pivots forward to approximately 45 degrees ready for loading.

Once supported on the loading cradle the cask can be tipped back onto the stillage with the minimal of effort.

The weight of the full cask will compress the hydraulic spring allowing the cask to condition in a horizontal plane. Once loaded the cask can be rotated on four roller wheels to centre the keystone.