Two Tier Racking with Auto Tilt Stillages

A complete handling and storage system for your cellar combining the use of automatic tilting stillages with a two tier racking system. Racking systems are available with stillages fitted with mechanical or hydraulic springs and can hold all size casks from 9 to 22 gallons.

Cask Racking System
Increase Storage Capacity
Two Tier racking can increase cellar capacity allowing you to stock a wider range of Real Ales.

Loading casks on to the rack is made simple using one of our Cellar Lift Trucks. All auto-tilt stillages are secured to the rack which in turn is secured to the cellar floor. The truck is used to lift a full cask direct from the cellar floor and load it in to the rack.

Reduce Ullage
Due to the smooth tilting action and final angle of tilt, significant savings can be achieved using all Kayel Stillage Systems

The system has been designed to fully comply with legislations regarding the manual handling of loads. Lift trucks remove the need to manual lift heavy casks, improving cellar safety and risk of injury to staff. All lift trucks are supplied with full inspection and test certificates.

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Cask Lift Truck

When used in conjunction with a Kayel Racking System the KTW Lift Truck provides a complete manual handling and storage solution for your cellar. All trucks are supplied with a full test and examination certificate.

Cask Sizes
Suitable for all size casks from 9 to 22 gallons

Manufactured from mild steel and with a powder coat finish. Blue (RAL 5017)

Lifting Mechanism
The lift truck is operated using a geared mechanical winch. Casks of all sizes can be lifted with the minimal of effort.

The KTW is fitted with 100mm (4") wheels on both front and rear. One of the rear castors is fitted with a brake mechanism.

Lift Height
The maximum Lift Height on a standard lift truck is 1380mm from the floor to the top of the forks. Trucks can be supplied with a high lift if required at additional cost.